I am back again! :) 
Hoping this will be 
the start of something new! 

Chief Justice now on the Final Trial


And now The Final Curtain is to be drawn. 
As of this moment, Chief Justice Renato C. Corona is about to be convicted.
With 19-3 status, 19 senator judges now finally drew their conviction
 as Guilty to the concerned, 3 went on acquittal.

God bless Chief Justice Renato C. Corona.
God bless the Supreme & Judiciary Court.
God bless our government.
God bless the Philippines!

Thankful Thursday: Gift of Work

Reminiscing my Community work as a Community Health Nurse.
Assigned in Initao, Misamis Oriental.
My 6 months deployment there was unforgettable.
New friends, co-workers, the blessing of being able to serve people
especially those who are less priviledged. 
Indeed, it made me realize how blessed I am even in this life. :)
Thank you Lord.

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Moment with My Mom

People today are talking about a moment of Love. A moment of love to spend to every mothers that we have. Loving them is a form spending time with them. Since, mother's day is at hand. This will be an opportunity to spend time to them, not a spare time because they deserve special attention and time. Mothers are not like spare tire that we only give spare time. But the moment that they carried us for 9 months. They did not give their spare time in molding us to be what we are today. Every moment of our life, they are always there looking at us. Every time we fall, they always help us to stand up and go on. They are heroes that helps and supports us in everything we do. Sometimes we misinterpret their decisions for us in every thing we do.
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Ruby Tuesday reborn: Flowery RED

 My RT come-back post! A Beautiful Macro shot of one of the, I can say, 
Exotic flowers in the Philippines! :)

Happy Ruby Tuesday everyone! :)
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YS & MYM: Going Bananas!

Banana anyone? :)
A Very very good source of Potassium.
So if you have Diarrhea, which causes you to lose 
your potassium level which in return 
makes you muscles weak, feeble, shaky and the like.
A banana per meal will do a lot of help! :)

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Yummy Sunday: Pizza trip

Pizza trip with my besty. :) 
Yum yum!
This one is called the 'Full House' item.
Full and loaded with varieties of toppings! 

A Yummy Sunday and a Joyous CHRISTmas everyone! :)
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