Want a race?

What a day! I just woke up from a dream and it was so terrible. I dreamed of a car race and I used a formula one type of car. With that I remember this Monaco Grand Prix when I used it as a racing vehicle for the race. It was great and full of fun. I thought it was real but it is just a dream. In reality, I don’t even know how to drive a car. Hahahahaha… It was a funny thing. Well, life is like that. People dream dreams and that’s life.


Life is like a wheel that sometimes we are at peak of our career or success in life and sometimes we are at the lowest peak of our life. One of the things that I want to cherish is the memories and to do that is to take photos or it may also be in video. I like photography and I like to get photos and compile it to make it a photobook. Special events in our life should be cherished and remembered. Even In success or in troubles.

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PNLE Experience

During the day of announcement of the release of the Nursing Board Exam result. I really searched for my name if I was able to pass. It’s difficult to find on the web on where it is posted the list of the board passers. I was able to feel fear at that time but still the confidence is there. While searching, I found a Java PDF which is used for the lists of names of those who passed the board exam and I am so glad to know that I was one of those who passed the boards. Glory to God!
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Shared Business Card

A brand new day and I feel the greatness of the Lord with His faithfulness. Anyway, a long time ago I talked with a friend of mine while she shared something for me things that caught my attention. It is about business cards custom design because she wants me to know how it is useful. Well I did listen to her and understand that it is one way of making things easy from inside and out.
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Skywatch Friday: House and Sky

Looking at the sky... This house is very nice to look at with its simple but beautiful design.

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Outdoor Heating

Day will always starts with morning and early in the morning feels so cold especially January is a very cold season. Looking forward for a device that can heat outdoor which will not cost me to freeze. Hehehehe…

Anyway, I wish to have this Patio Heater so that I will not have any problem regarding the weather. If I have this stuff, I will not be struggling for cold and I’ll just smile and drink some coffee. Well, I am hoping to have one because it is very expensive. I really need to save a lot of money in order to have this heater. Even though it is expensive, but I found out that this heater is very helpful during cold season and even during rainy season.

Well, the day will always be remembered from inside and out. Tomorrow will be another day and I wish to have this heater for me to just relax and enjoy the moment outside without any sensation of coldness. It is so amazing and great to have a dream heater in our house today. In God’s time, I know He will provide me more than the things that I can think now and with that I will still hope and hold on to His promise.

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Amazing Inside and Out

It was a long day and a very busy life. I've been looking at the road and seeing a car that was pulled by another car. The thing is that the other car lost its battery and it cannot charge for it to run. Good thing that one man has his own Ratchet Straps and beam clamps to use for the other car in order for it to hold.

Well, all things work good and indeed ratchet straps was helpful for it can be used in many forms. Woahh… I almost forgot that I have a lot of things to work on, besides on looking outside and observing on many vehicles passing by and observing people walking around the street. But, the day still ends with full of learning and in fact I was able to understand how to use some things in different areas to relate it on the things that had happened. Life is short and inside me I learned that we need to be versatile in the area of our life. Life is full of mystery outside and we need to learn how to be flexible in adjusting to all the things that will happen and will come to happen. A very great and wonderful experience from inside and out and with that I will still thank the Lord for His faithfulness in my life.

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