What's in?

Looking towards the future, having a home of your own, it is good to consider having what we call Contemporary Furniture. If you are a person who likes to fit to the trends of today’s time. The color, in one aspect, must fit to the colors of the wall and floor even its shape or structure must fit to the room design. Rest will be sure and comfort will fit to the eyes. Well, do you want to know what is best for your house? Your furniture should consider various elements. Take into consideration the form of art you prefer and blend it with style. Imagine yourself of having a nice and perfect cozy home that is pleasing to your eyes.

It is really possible to make your house aura look exotic by making few changes in the entire environment. You don’t even need to replace your furniture but the arrangements are necessary for it to look more nice and unique in its structure. You should plan to make it look contemporary and the key is to simply make it not look out of date. Take away all dated items and refresh the room with the latest colors and current styles to make it more of the in drift and not out of it.

So what ideas are brewing now in your mind? :)

Go green friday 8/52 - A heart for Nature

Welcome back GGF family!

My entry is up! Thanks by the way to my friend Aninz
for lending me the picture..
I just added on some captions..:)

What's YOUR heart there? :)
..Mine here obviously is: the HEART for Nature. :)

Mind you wear!

One day, you receive an invitation of a Halloween party from a friend. And one thing comes popping in your mind: What-to-wear? Finding any costume is not that hard, but finding something to wear that suits you and brings out the ‘horrifying’ at the same time, dazzling-look, well, it may take you time to think. But it is not enough to panic! Lol! So seat and relax.

If I am to choose my favorite costume during Halloween, Simple Halloween Costumes would be one of my preferences. I like it simple yet convincing and ‘terrifying’ lol! Well, November is just a month plus days away, so there's enough time to think round about the best if your wear!

Even when I was a child, I dreamt of having a Halloween party with friends wearing our favorite ghouls, witches, and monster costumes lol! Having the best make-up and the accessories that go along with it, we sure would enjoy dressing and acting, and just have a blast of fun! Not to mention all the trick-o-treats! OOhhhh candies and chocolates, rain down! :)

So what's your plan this coming halloween? I suggest you start first with your get-up!

Send my warmest regards to the goodies! :)

Then sings my soul Saturdays - Take me deeper

Take me deeper..deeper in LOVE with you Oh Lord..

My heart has found You a hope that will abide..
Here in your presence forever satisfied..

Shoot me! & GGF 7/52 - A Special GGF

My post for this week's GGF is up! And a unique one at that! :)
Here with me is my Ate Che, a beloved sister in the church.
A FANATIC, I truly can say, of the GREEN! :) lol
She's Celebrating her BIG birthday today!
Go and greet her in her blog! God bless you more Te Che!

Stay beautiful:)

Happy Go Green Friday Everyone! :)

Go green friday 7/52 - Mr. Linky memo

Hey there GGF Family!

Just want to inform you ahead that Mr. Linky will be available in the afternoon, Philippine time. :) Put your URL link in case in the chat box or leave it as a comment in this post, I will link them myself weeee. I'll post Mr. Linky after my duty ends! Thanks for your continued patronage! lol. :)

See ya! :) Happy GGF! :)

Mellow Yellow Monday & Ruby Tuesday - A Mix of beauty

Taken and edited by my bestfriend.
Thanks best for the picture!

A mix of red with the blend of yellow.

Simply beautiful.

This is the bouquet of the wife during the wedding
of our churchmate last Friday.


Go green friday 6/52 - Mouth-waterin' Green!

It has been a long, long weekend GGF family! And I humbly (as in humbly..) ask for your precious apology that I have not posted the link or even had a post of GGF last Friday. We had a busy weekend preparing for our Church Anniversary and it was like work, work, and work. :) But anyhow, it was a successful and great Anniversary. And now, FINALLY! I could get back to my GGF family and to my blogging life! Weeeeeeeeeeeee! I missed you so, you know! :)

And tan-da-da-dan! here's my entry for today's GGF! By the way, much thanks for the picture Ate Grace! (I grabbed this one due to shortage of pics..lol!) Can you feel your mouth water already?? OOOohhhh.. the bagOong!!! :)

So post up your Go Green Friday entries people! Go go go! :)

Growing Old with you

My mom is currently single for almost 11 years now. Sometimes, I ask her if she has any plans in meeting up with someone, having a companion in other words. And she answers: 'Of course! Why not!' Haha. Indeed, my mother is as dynamic and lively as ever!

It's a reality that people, one way or another, as subtle the desires and plans are, wants a partner in life. Someone you could spend your experiences with for the remainder of your life. Someone you could talk to (timelessly), give and receive a hug and an embrace with, one that accompanies you through life's ups and downs. That would indeed mark a wonderful and essential part of your life. Humans as we are, have emotional needs. And that particular need doesn't stop in the middle ages, it still lingers on. As any other needs that we have, emotional, '
heart-needs' are as important as physiologic and physical needs themselves.

And so, going back, my mom then plans to, if 'he' will eventually come. As it is a granted blessing, then bring it on! Age here is undeniably NOT a factor! It does not matter and absolutely not a hindrance! Hey, who said all the young singles would live life to the fullest when you can meet seniors free in this lifetime? :)

I need a make up artist! ASAP!

This Friday, I will be attending a memorable wedding of a church mate, a co-worker in the church, and a friend. Indeed with 2 nights more to go till the big and momentous day, I can see the preparation is brewing at hand. Just this afternoon, we practiced the wedding proper flow and how the ceremony would go about. In my part, in assisting the ushering and maintaining the smooth flow of the wedding, I myself am having a bit of the pressure! I am speaking of the what-to-wear matter (burgundy with gold accent whew!), and my entire get –up including, maybe, the make-up! Well, it’s really not a big deal but then for my brother Paul’s and Sister Chrisanne’s special day, I would still prepare for it! Speaking of make-up, how I wish it would be that easy as having to reach a make artist through the use if makeup artist business cards right? I would spare me the time of going about and hopping form one parlor to another! Lol! Well, these cards would indeed be a big help, you could say. The make-up artist would just be a dial away! I better grab one now! It’s almost two day more to go till the wedding!!!

Ruby Tuesday #5 - Have a pLunge! coOL dOwn!

Go on..Take a sip... :)

A refreshing way to cool down and relax to the
sweetness of a nutritious drink :)

Cheers to the birthday bOy jO hOney! :)

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