GGF: The Come-back!

 Hear ye! Hear ye!
This day marks officially the come-back, resurrection, rebirth of 
Weeeee! Welcome me back and I welcome you back!

This pose here is in Midway beach Resort in Initao, Misamis Oriental back
when I was assigned to work in the Community here.

 Happy GGF everyone!

Welcome me back!

Just got back in blogging, officially today! Hehey! This calls for a celebration! Well anyway, I am somehow gradually re-orienting myself here in the blogosphere and hopefully this will go on well. Searching for various pictures of mine to post in the memes! I so miss joining the memes! And from there, I am hopping from different sites and blogs like that of scam. Not that it is a scam of course! Anyhow, looking forward for more posts! Hello blogging! :)

Attractive Look

Part of house beautification is the inside portion of the house. Making a Carpet Installation to see to it that it will look attractive and nice to see. There are many designs but I love to make a unique one. As you could see in my house. There are so many things to change on stuffs but I'd think for another else before starting to put on something. It is nice to see many unique designs that could match up on the room. Inside and out makes the house beautiful with carpet that looks attractive.

Jesus Christ: Lord and Savior

Klejniki - Church of Ascension of Jesus Christ...

Me, myself, and I in the time of challenges. All things work for good in the eyes of the Lord and that is how I want life to be like. Things that made God think ahead and I so like also to be like the way God thinks. He always thinks good for His people or children and He is so loving. The father of all, creator of heaven and earth, the maker of mankind, the one who loves His people. God didn't chose people but He sees the heart and everyone that will accept and believe in Him will be saved. That is such an amazing thing to have. Jesus died for us in order to reconcile and allowing us to connect on Him. Indeed, God is awesome and wonderful with His great love to mankind. Jesus Christ died because of His love and even the father allowed it to happen because of His love to His people. He said in John 3:16 "For God so love the world, that He gave His only begotten son. That whosoever believes on Him should not perish but have everlasting life." Wow! He is so amazing and great with His love for all. The Bible, is part of mankind as it is Christ as the living word. Even He is not present visibly but He is true to His word because He made the word alive. No matter what religion you are in it doesn't matter. Because Jesus Christ did not came for a religion but for those who believe and accept Him as their Lord and savior.
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Graphic Design Samples

Surfing the net is part of the way in communicating the world and reaching the distance. Well, part of my activities or interest is about creating graphic designs. I've created many graphic designs and through that many of it were my logo design samples. Usually, I do create this stuff in the church for activities and even also in my field of work. This is such an interesting stuff for me and it makes me also drawn into art.

Engine Services

Today, there is an increase in technological development. I am expecting more to happen and will come. Time changes and everything works fast. Even the people today thinks fast which connects to the activities that are so fast. Well, as part of the increase in technological development part of it is this ppc services that could help in developing the very big and unstoppable internet. Engines are common in marketing and business and even in daily life activities. It may be within or outside the country.

I&O #1: Common War

War is so common among men. Even if we trace it from the oldest generation. War today is commonly described as an open declared state of organized violent conflict. Part of it is aggression and societal disruption. Well, war is a common instinct among men. If we based it on behavioral pattern of man. War tendencies can be found as an instinct. Even if we look also for other primate species. Common among animals, humans, event insects were indulging war. How to solve this? Many mankind wants peace. Many wars that we've been witnessed e.g. WW I, WW II, Civil War and others. Even during the time of the reign of Egypt, Babylonian Empire, Mesopotamia, Persian, Greek, Roman Empire, and up to present still war exist.

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Marketing Strategy

Today, life is so different compared before. People think fast, work fast, wants thing to be faster and more easier and one of example is the direct email marketing strategy. Most of individuals today makes things more faster or what we call faster as we could think. Well, making more things faster makes us be more productive due to many things being done in a short period of time. But there are so many advantages and disadvantages that we need to look at. At times we need to be careful and think of its effect.


Talking stuff from insied and out. There are instances that we need to preserve things inside and cover stuffs outside. This is my point here. As I was surfing on the net I saw this certain topic Storage Slough which reminds me of my idea in keeping some important things and making it be used for future purposes. We are not so sure of things that is going to happen ahead of us that is why we need to be prepared for it.

Web Master

Making or creating web designs would be not easy to do but having this nice and attractive domains would make your site attractive. Well, I got the idea of searching on the net with my ever bestfriend laptop. hahahahah... It might sound funny but true. Anyway, I just want to improve my web page to become more convenient to the visitors and other searchers and blog addicts.

Windows Blinds

Lately, I talked about a dream house and its ways to made the flooring beautiful. Now, what we need to talk is about on How we Made to measure woodweave blinds for the house doors and windows area so that it would not just be a mere windows only but it has its beautiful ways to make it more artistic and wonderful to look at with its wood weave blinds. Because we cannot just put anything on the windows for it to be made beautiful. It has to be measured.

Flooring that You Want

I dreamed for something new in my life. I know the same way with others in dreaming to have their own house. One of the best way to make the house beautiful is the flooring on how it was made of and its design. That is why when we put something on the floor it should be done for a Flooring estimates for it to be made suitable in its space and for also it would be match to the floor size of the area.

Safe Blinds

As I was searching on the net. I saw many ideas on how to make your information safe by using blinds. It can preserve information and prevent online users to see directly any information from your site or even in you accounts. I found this helpful and useful because of its privacy effect that made my accounts safe. The generation today is more on digital online social networking which is common.

Paid by Marketing

Marketing is part of our daily activities in life. One thing that get the attention of every individual is the paid search marketing. It is very clear that our situation today we need an income to generate in order to get what we want. Though marketing is a strategic way of spreading your business.

Storage Unit

Hey, another day to spend with you guys. As I was surfing the net I saw this thing about storage london. I don't get the point of this stuff but I tried to understand more through research and surfing on the net. Well, I got some ideas about this thing that talks about storage units. Well, I know that this is helpful stuff in making your stuffs in place.

Email Marketing

Early in the morning, I woke up. I opened my laptop and connect to the internet to look for my email, facebook account, gmail, yahoomail and other stuff. while looking for inbox, I found saw a link about email marketing campaign. It leads me to think for something regarding this thing. What is it about email marketing campaign? Could this stuff help me for something that I can use for the future? Well, I was able to search for certain things about this and it helped me a lot to learn such ideas.

Skin Treatment

Anyway, the day went good but I have a problem with my skin rashes. I was born to have a problem like this. It runs in the blood of having an allergic reactions to some foods especially chicken products. But the most thing I feared of, is having a psoriasis. If that would be the case, I must buy psoriasis treatment cream for me not to be able to have one.

I Learned Guitar

When I was high school, I was really interested of anything about guitars. That time, I took lessons and learn from friends and practiced so many times in order for me to learn and be able to play. I had difficulty in learning due to limited resources. But now, there are so many ways to learn guitars. The most easiest and convenient way is the online guitar lessons. Today, it is more easier to learn because of resources.

Skin Rashes

Hello, another time to spend with you guys. Well, the day went good but i really have a problem with my rashes. I am having now an allergic reaction effect because of chicken. Hopefully, I will not be able to go to a point of having a psoriasis. If so, I should buy a psoriasis treatment cream.

Dream House

How I wish to have a personal home that can make me feel free to do what I want. As I surf on the net I saw new homes for sale but it is too far away from our place. Well, I know that there will be more sales someday. For God can bless those who work for His glory and those who worship Him.

Woodweave Blinds For All

Hello another day guys to spend again. Well, the morning went great and i could say that I am blessed during the day. While surfing the net I saw this Woodweave blinds and how things are Madetomeasurewoodweaveblinds. I learned new things for the day and thankful in such a way that this could help me for my future house. I will try to have one of my own. Especially that I want a house that is full of glass.

History From The Past

In our life there’s always a season. One of the best seasons is the cold season. We cannot forget about the stuffs that we used to bring during this season. There are stuffs also that we use when we feel cold during the season. I still can remember every time my friends ask for hangout. They think about wine delivered even though I drink a little of it. That is life from inside and out.
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Revised But Better

Hello, another time to spend in sharing information to everyone. As I was looking and surfing on the net. I saw things that relates to education. I was once a college student and I can relate what education is about. This easter revision courses makes me think on today’s generation. There are so many courses that are offered and some are revised. Well, that is life.

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Cold But Ready

Today, as the season gets colder. What can we do to our things in order to put it into one place? The best thing that that came into my mind was to use leather furniture to put things into one place. It is nice to see that your stuffs are into one place and it is more easier to find.
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Cold and Heavy Season

Well, I could always relate myself with this season. It is so cold and I always think of something new. I really want to go outside to look how beautiful and wonderful the place where I am right now. Well, with the help of Patio Heaters I am confident to go outside and enjoy the moment.
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Hopeful Dreamer

Today is February and I am still enjoying the month of love. Well, I hope that I could experience to go to a place like Gites in France and spend time with my mom the whole week. Woah… That would be a great week for the both of us. I really love my mom and I can’t imagine to see her sad. Hopefully, someday we could have a chance like that.
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Thinking About My Room

Another day guys, I must say that the day went out great by Gods grace and favor. Yesterday, I was thinking of my rooms Tile flooring. I could say that my room needs renovation especially the floor. I asked my mom to save money for renovation and I hope it will come true. How I wish to have a nice floor.

Want a race?

What a day! I just woke up from a dream and it was so terrible. I dreamed of a car race and I used a formula one type of car. With that I remember this Monaco Grand Prix when I used it as a racing vehicle for the race. It was great and full of fun. I thought it was real but it is just a dream. In reality, I don’t even know how to drive a car. Hahahahaha… It was a funny thing. Well, life is like that. People dream dreams and that’s life.


Life is like a wheel that sometimes we are at peak of our career or success in life and sometimes we are at the lowest peak of our life. One of the things that I want to cherish is the memories and to do that is to take photos or it may also be in video. I like photography and I like to get photos and compile it to make it a photobook. Special events in our life should be cherished and remembered. Even In success or in troubles.

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PNLE Experience

During the day of announcement of the release of the Nursing Board Exam result. I really searched for my name if I was able to pass. It’s difficult to find on the web on where it is posted the list of the board passers. I was able to feel fear at that time but still the confidence is there. While searching, I found a Java PDF which is used for the lists of names of those who passed the board exam and I am so glad to know that I was one of those who passed the boards. Glory to God!
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Shared Business Card

A brand new day and I feel the greatness of the Lord with His faithfulness. Anyway, a long time ago I talked with a friend of mine while she shared something for me things that caught my attention. It is about business cards custom design because she wants me to know how it is useful. Well I did listen to her and understand that it is one way of making things easy from inside and out.
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Skywatch Friday: House and Sky

Looking at the sky... This house is very nice to look at with its simple but beautiful design.

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Outdoor Heating

Day will always starts with morning and early in the morning feels so cold especially January is a very cold season. Looking forward for a device that can heat outdoor which will not cost me to freeze. Hehehehe…

Anyway, I wish to have this Patio Heater so that I will not have any problem regarding the weather. If I have this stuff, I will not be struggling for cold and I’ll just smile and drink some coffee. Well, I am hoping to have one because it is very expensive. I really need to save a lot of money in order to have this heater. Even though it is expensive, but I found out that this heater is very helpful during cold season and even during rainy season.

Well, the day will always be remembered from inside and out. Tomorrow will be another day and I wish to have this heater for me to just relax and enjoy the moment outside without any sensation of coldness. It is so amazing and great to have a dream heater in our house today. In God’s time, I know He will provide me more than the things that I can think now and with that I will still hope and hold on to His promise.

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Amazing Inside and Out

It was a long day and a very busy life. I've been looking at the road and seeing a car that was pulled by another car. The thing is that the other car lost its battery and it cannot charge for it to run. Good thing that one man has his own Ratchet Straps and beam clamps to use for the other car in order for it to hold.

Well, all things work good and indeed ratchet straps was helpful for it can be used in many forms. Woahh… I almost forgot that I have a lot of things to work on, besides on looking outside and observing on many vehicles passing by and observing people walking around the street. But, the day still ends with full of learning and in fact I was able to understand how to use some things in different areas to relate it on the things that had happened. Life is short and inside me I learned that we need to be versatile in the area of our life. Life is full of mystery outside and we need to learn how to be flexible in adjusting to all the things that will happen and will come to happen. A very great and wonderful experience from inside and out and with that I will still thank the Lord for His faithfulness in my life.

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