Tuesday Couch Potatoes - Saving Private Ryan (1998)

I could not ever forget this movie.
Heart-wrenching drama with the
heart-warming camaraderie of brotherhood as soldiers,
this movie is absolutely a 10/10! 100%! great!

Directed by one best and renown director, Steven Spieldberg
and starring Tom Hanks with Matt Damon, Edward Burns, and Tom Sizemore,
this movie is an all-time champion!
More of the review in Wikipedia.

When I watched this movie, wow!
I was amazed at the production, imagining how the movie had cost!
I'm sure all of the efforts made into the movie was worth it!
What's your TCP for today? :)

Then sings my soul Saturdays - I will run to You

One of my ever favorite songs.
Heart-touching inside and out.
Even from the very fist line of the lyrics,
I just couldn't help but have tears in my eyes.

Beautiful song. Beautiful message of love.

"Lord let me live in the glory of your grace.."
Your eye is on the sparrow
And Your hand, it comforts me
From the ends of the Earth to the depth of my heart
Let Your mercy and strength be seen

You call me to Your purpose
As angels understandFor Your glory, may You draw all men
As Your love and grace demand

And I will run to You
To Your words of truth
Not by might, n
ot by power
But by the spirit of God
Yes I will run the race
'Till I see Y
our face
Oh let me live in the glory of Your grace

Count me IN! :)

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Aside that I am looking forward

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I know BC Bloggers will definitely help me reach that! :)


Yehey!!! FinaLLy! Whew!

Big thanks to ehow.com! I finally have my badge with its code! Haha! Not anymore another picture but THE code at last! It’s definitely possible! If you really want it, you’ll strive to learn and seach (google search!), and I just did! It was kinda not easy in the first place, but as soon as you will be familiarized with it, know some common HTML tags, then hehey! Indeed, it takes the patience and the wits! And, you just have to know how and what to input in the search box! Lol! So, you want to know the how-to’s? Check it out on that site! Just click the link!

And so, I invite you all to grab my badge! Feel free! And we could then exchange links? What ya say? Go go go!

Your comments and remarks are very appreciated!

Thanks to CS3 Photoshop too!
My ever buddy in lay-outing!

skywatch friday - In all its glory


The biggest star, shining in all its glory.

Beautifully blending with the darkness
of the forthcoming night

Shoot me! - Superboy on water!

Lol! Look at me! The water is already at my neck level,
and I am the one heading the group!

Hahaha. A funny yet fun moment we had here!

More shots in this meme. Check it out! :)

Watery Wednesday - Wanna swim?

Look at the crystal waters of Camiguin! Wooooow!
I would love to swim here! I am a beach person myself!
If I go to beaches like one of these, I think I'd spend the while day
from sun up to sundown in the waters!
From snorkeling to diving, to Coral-reef watching!Name it!
(Thanks by the way to Aninz my friend for this photo!)

Ahhhhhhh.. someday, I will go here! I'd make sure of that!

Word-FiLLed Wednesday - Train Up

True Indeed. Training is a basic foundation.

Good ground bears good fruit.

Training in the right path paves the way
to good discipline of character and growth.

At Last!: Pr checker on the go!

(This is just a picture to couple the post with and not my actual PR ^_^)

I am so happy today! You wanna know why? read on..

As a baby blogger in the blogosphere,
I learned about terms like trafficking, stats, page ranks and the like.

And as I learned that if you want your blog to be perfumed enough for you
to earn through your blogs, you must have a good standing
in your traffic and page rank.

And so, as soon as i stumbled on this site www.prchecker.info,
I directly checked the status of my blog. But sadly, as I said,
my blog is yet a neophyte, amateur, newbee, novice,
apprentice, beginner, and baby. What I got was a N/A status! lol!

And I took that as a challenge. It needed more hardwork.
More posts. More updates. So after 36 posts in all, 1 month and 8 days,
I finally have a pagerank in my other blog Life's A Wheel ! It is not an N/A anymore! weeeee!

All the more, it is then an inspiration for me to put more effort in blogging!
It is then that I will finally earn, someday, sooner or later! :)


Dad's Day: A reminder time and time again.

Earlier this morning, in our church service,
we celebrated Father's day wherein we gave tribute
to the Dads in our church.


Whatever language and terms we call this man in our lives:
Father, Dad, Daddy, Pops, Papa, Pang, Erpat (the list goes on..),
he is still that man who is to be admonished
because we, us, children, sons and daughters
would not be here on this earth and we are not who we are today
if it weren't for our fathers.

Every Father's Day, this very thought and reminder strikes me a lot:

"Appreciate and say 'I Love You' to your dad
while he is still around on this earth.."
We don't hold TIME in our hands,
so cherish every hour,
every minute,
every second.

Don't wait for you to have regrets in the end. I have my own shares of it.
And I have deeply learned the essence of it.

Pa, I know someday, I will see you and we will meet soon.
Thank you for everything. You have truly molded me to who I am now.

You will forever remain in my heart.
[I am a carbon copy of you, ain't I! :)]

I miss you very much.
No words could surmountably express.


Scenic Sunday - Sky's the Limit

Look at the horizon.
Limited? or seem to be in infinity?

Look at the clear blue skies.
With is span of vastness and the sun shining in its glory.

Am i being so poetic here? lol.
Can't help it but express! :)

skywatch friday #1 - Looking Up

Photo Courtesy from a friend (Aninz!)

Can't help but being amazed
think with great awe
the Maker of the heavens and skies.

How great are You oh Lord!

Word-Filled Wednesday - Great is His mercy and Truth


More inspiring verses in this meme.
Click on!

Shadow Shot Sunday - pose!

Here is again a picture of my dear church friends.
Hmmm.. this shot was way back, I think, 3 years ago!
My, how time flies so fast!

In this picture, by the way, we just agreed (out of fun!)
to pose in a different way.
If you can observe, the guys are doing girl-sitting
like they are crossing their legs like girls do
and the girls here the opposite! hahaha!

Just one of the many out-of-the-ordinary and once-in-a-blue-moon poses!

Ako ay Pilipino (I am a Filipino!) Celebrating 112th Philippine Independence

Ako ay Pilipino. Taas noo kahit kanino.
Ako ay Pilipino. Pilipino ay ako!

I am a Filipino. Head held high.
I am a Filipino. A filipino, am I!

Proud to be one!

Come and be one with me in
Celebrating the freedom
we are now experiencing today!
1 Century, 1 decade,
and 2 years at that!

Shoot me! - Wide smiLes!

These are my fun, wacky, and dear friends in the church.
Whenever we get to have picture-takings and see cameras,
we always make it sure we are in the shots! Haha!
That's why we Filipinos are really picture-loving
and love to smile, smile, and smile!

More smiles in this meme!

Mellow Yellow Monday #3 - Distinctly yellow

This is one evidence that I love shooting
with nature and flowers.
Look how the yellow gumamela flowers floats
its color behind everything in the picture
and how it blends beautifully.

More colors of yellow on this meme.
Check it out. =)

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Thinking Out Loud #1: Reality bites

Cleaning and dusting through our tables, drawers, and picture frames, I suddenly thought and thought.. When will be that time again that all the members in my family will come all together?

Maybe I am missing them all.. Missing the times when we get to gather all in one place.

Times have indeed changed.

They have their own families now. Priorities and plans change. I hope hearts don't.

Brings about the message that we ought to cherish our relationship as a family.

(Julie *Pondering*) and..

Thinking Out Loud.

Thinking Out Loud: Official Release!

Welcome back!

This is the official starting post of the
Thinking Out Loud (TOL)
wherein it will be explained on what this meme will be all about!

At first, when I heard of the blogging phenomena,
I was really excited to start my own blog!
So from there, when I got to create my blog account,
I observed the elements in a particular blog when I get to browse
through numerous and various blog sites
so as termed as 'blog-hopping.' =)

And I noticed that a blog's central feature is that of having badges, icons,
thumbnails or whatever it is called, but commonly yes- a badge!
And so, I said to myself, why not make my own?
And then another thought came up:
why not make my own meme as well?!
Haha. Indeed, I also noticed that. If others can, why can't I?
(An idea then sets in, ting!) It would be an enjoyable way
to interact, connect, and build friendship
with the whole blogosphere!

Finally, all these gave birth to..Voila! A badge and a meme in one!

So what is this Meme, you ask?
Well, This Meme then speaks our minds out loud.
What are you thinking? And why not share it?
This meme therefore is unlimited in expression
(in good terms and consideration, lol!),
be it in a picture, video, quote, poem, insights,
lessons learned, story, testimonies,
, an inspirational feature,
and whatever your mind can reach you to say!
Maybe we will decide on a particular theme in a week.
All is spontaneous and all is open for suggestions too!

(Julie *excited*) So then, see you around!
Grab my badge and keep posted.
You may also follow me on this blog for you to be updated!
This Meme, by the way,
launches out into thought every Wednesday!

Till here! And don't forget to speak your mind by
Thinking Out Loud! :)

Thinkin' Out Loud: pOur dOwn!

It's a cold night.

After hand-washing my 'Mount Everest' clothes, whew!, I had painful and sore hands and fingers.

Well, my fault anyhow. Guess it's a lesson learned to manage my time wisely and to sort out daily activities.

The Internet , undeniably, is a simple and subtle temptation to consuming one's time!
I just hope and pray that I would have a lot of self-control and get a grip on myself!

The day is almost over and a new day awaits ahead. (Julie thinking of having this 'Thinkin' out Loud' a routine post!) hey, why nOt!

What are your Thinkin' out Loud's today?

Hey, if you want this badge of TOL, then click on the badge below, copy it as an image, paste it as a picture on your site and link it back to my blogsite www.blogizzzta.blogspot.com
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Mellow Yellow Monday #2 - Radiating Yellow

This is during our church's 24th anniversary.
I just like this shot because the yellow lights blend all together
creating a radiance of yellowy spectrum.
More on the Mellow Yellow Monday Meme. Click on!

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