Thinking Out Loud: Official Release!

Welcome back!

This is the official starting post of the
Thinking Out Loud (TOL)
wherein it will be explained on what this meme will be all about!

At first, when I heard of the blogging phenomena,
I was really excited to start my own blog!
So from there, when I got to create my blog account,
I observed the elements in a particular blog when I get to browse
through numerous and various blog sites
so as termed as 'blog-hopping.' =)

And I noticed that a blog's central feature is that of having badges, icons,
thumbnails or whatever it is called, but commonly yes- a badge!
And so, I said to myself, why not make my own?
And then another thought came up:
why not make my own meme as well?!
Haha. Indeed, I also noticed that. If others can, why can't I?
(An idea then sets in, ting!) It would be an enjoyable way
to interact, connect, and build friendship
with the whole blogosphere!

Finally, all these gave birth to..Voila! A badge and a meme in one!

So what is this Meme, you ask?
Well, This Meme then speaks our minds out loud.
What are you thinking? And why not share it?
This meme therefore is unlimited in expression
(in good terms and consideration, lol!),
be it in a picture, video, quote, poem, insights,
lessons learned, story, testimonies,
, an inspirational feature,
and whatever your mind can reach you to say!
Maybe we will decide on a particular theme in a week.
All is spontaneous and all is open for suggestions too!

(Julie *excited*) So then, see you around!
Grab my badge and keep posted.
You may also follow me on this blog for you to be updated!
This Meme, by the way,
launches out into thought every Wednesday!

Till here! And don't forget to speak your mind by
Thinking Out Loud! :)
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