At Last!: Pr checker on the go!

(This is just a picture to couple the post with and not my actual PR ^_^)

I am so happy today! You wanna know why? read on..

As a baby blogger in the blogosphere,
I learned about terms like trafficking, stats, page ranks and the like.

And as I learned that if you want your blog to be perfumed enough for you
to earn through your blogs, you must have a good standing
in your traffic and page rank.

And so, as soon as i stumbled on this site,
I directly checked the status of my blog. But sadly, as I said,
my blog is yet a neophyte, amateur, newbee, novice,
apprentice, beginner, and baby. What I got was a N/A status! lol!

And I took that as a challenge. It needed more hardwork.
More posts. More updates. So after 36 posts in all, 1 month and 8 days,
I finally have a pagerank in my other blog Life's A Wheel ! It is not an N/A anymore! weeeee!

All the more, it is then an inspiration for me to put more effort in blogging!
It is then that I will finally earn, someday, sooner or later! :)

3 Responses
  1. Kayce Says:

    hi there! i had checked and verified your blog and its still N/A and your other blog Life's a wheel is still 0. Please check mo ulit.

    I think its impossible that you immediately have a pr5 rank. It takes a few months to finally have a pr rank.

  2. yups..N/A pa itong inside and Out blog ko..yung Life's A wheel 0/10 dati kaci N/A .. the pr 5 is not my PR its just a pic that I posted.. hehehe.. It's absolutely impossible to have a PR 5 this time! my blog is just 1 month and 8 days old! LOL!

  3. thanks anyway for the effOrt of checking my bLog! appreciate it! :)

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