Go green friday 6/52 - Mouth-waterin' Green!

It has been a long, long weekend GGF family! And I humbly (as in humbly..) ask for your precious apology that I have not posted the link or even had a post of GGF last Friday. We had a busy weekend preparing for our Church Anniversary and it was like work, work, and work. :) But anyhow, it was a successful and great Anniversary. And now, FINALLY! I could get back to my GGF family and to my blogging life! Weeeeeeeeeeeee! I missed you so, you know! :)

And tan-da-da-dan! here's my entry for today's GGF! By the way, much thanks for the picture Ate Grace! (I grabbed this one due to shortage of pics..lol!) Can you feel your mouth water already?? OOOohhhh.. the bagOong!!! :)

So post up your Go Green Friday entries people! Go go go! :)

2 Responses
  1. niko Says:

    wow uu bagoong na lang ang kulang! talaaaaaaaaaaap.

    my entry is up now here


  2. Kayce Says:

    haguy naglaway na nuon ko sis dah! nice entry sis... ako mangita pa sa akong entry.. hehehe!

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