Coke Cheers!

Earlier this night, our church friend Keena celebrated her post-graduation thanksgiving party at her house. It was indeed a fun and successful night considering that she really fell for our 'drama' surprise in making her disappointed and dismayed by telling her that we, her church friends couldn't come! Haha! Anyway, I am posting here a picture of Coke, which is, an ever-present partner cola drink of food in whatever gatherings people may have. I had a round of two sakto bottles (around 220 mL?). Well, I just couldn't help but associate this drink to a particular close friend of mine! She is absolutely and positively an avid drinker of it! Whew! It's a high-risk to blood sugar levels to shoot up alright! Let this post be a friendly reminder to all, that too much of something is bad in return. Health is indeed wealth! Let us be stewards of it.
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