Cats: Inside and Out

Do you want to know about Cats?

Basically, cat is a carnivorous mammal (Felis catus). It is commonly a domesticated animal or pet. Cat is also known for its instinct to catch rats or mice.

Do you KNOW Cats?

My little girlImage by Andres Rueda via Flickr

I'll ask you some questions about cats...

Why do cats meow?
The sound "meow" about cats has its meaning.
1. I am very Hungry!
2. Help!
3. I need attention!

Why do cats sometimes roll over on their backs when they see you?
This is how the way they can be. It is a form of trust for you.
Cats rubs themselves on your legs so that you will smell as cat. If you smell like them, the more they will like you. Also, it is a form of letting other cats to know that you are a special friend.

Why do cats scratch people sometimes?
Usually, cats scratches those who are annoying. You should remember that they are also defending themselves.

MiauImage by Amendoas via Flickr

Things that irritates a cat:

  • The Pulling of tail.
  • Squeezing the cat tightly.
  • Grabbing the cat always.
  • When you dress the cat in doll clothes.
There are more things about cats...
These are just few things to learn about them...
They can be good pets...

Do you know what's the inner side of cats?
Do you know what's the outer side of cats?

If not... try to read more...see those related articles...

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2 Responses
  1. Weeeeeeeeeee! This is sOooooooooooo
    sOoooOooooooo meeeeeeeeeee!
    hehehehe!Thanks besty :)

  2. Awww! I am more of a dog-person but I also couldn't resist a sweet and lazy purr from a cat! Totally cute!

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