Go green friday 2/52 - Beautifully green!

My second entry is now up for this week's Go Green Friday!
Tada! Simply beautiful ain't it? This is actually a picture taken
by a friend in her get-away in Camiguin Island.
I was immediately curious on what it was. Is it flower? A fruit? A vegetable?
An ornamental plant? A rare, exotic plant perhaps?

What do you think?
So what is this meme all about you ask? Well, first things first.
It's all about the GREEN! :)

For us to show our love to mother nature, and let the whole wide world know how we care about our earth, lets shout our heart out in going green and relaying nature conservation and
environmental heart!

It's a date then! Every Friday, post any pictures with green, any shades, as long as it is green. Nature would be the best! If you're wearing something green in color then post it up! Anything you see that is green, it's counted IN!

One small favor? Go and visit the other entries..You'll have fun seeing all the other greenies! :)

3 Responses
  1. Kayce Says:

    so nice sis! unsay name ana nga flower ba na o plant? hehehe

  2. Bogie Says:

    this is one cool meme. I still have to gather all my green photos to join this meme. Will join next friday :)

  3. heLLo Ms. Bogie! wow! looking forward to your entry! weeeeeeeeee! so excited every friday fOr this meme! inspires me because of you fellow bloggers..thanks for your support. Your entries mean so much.. :)

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